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DrDj in The Mix :)

DrDj in The Mix :)

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Viña del Mar. Reñaca Beach, Quinta, Chile
Dentist by profession, has over 20 years of experience as a professor at the U. Valparaiso - School of Dentistry - Occlusion Chair, and was the second specialist
degree in Chile and Latin America in temporomandibular disorders and pain Orofacial. Now for today and then be related to the E-Music for about 8 years, decided 2006, take on a formal and professional DjSchool / CHILE. Founder of the group and Creme 4djsproject bulle Group, creator of events (Jig Party, Mojito and Cafe). Recident in Buzios / Brazil, Santiago, Rancagua and Reñaca (The spa more importantedeChile).Sunsets performed every summer at the beach from 16 till 21 hrs, 3 times per Week, across the Minimal, Deephouse, Chillout and Eastern ChillOut, Chillumm, NuJazz, Bossa and Latin. He has participated in festivals (Earthdance, Montemapu, Universus, Natural Live), radio (the tunnel Radio Show - Dj Eme Program Sweden) and other activities related to the Deejay to do. His specialties are styles-Deep Minimal, Chillout and NuJazz!

CREME Bulle:
The proposed new and unique in Chile is made up by Dj's Nacionales, Daniel Lira (DrDj) and Antonio Rodriguez (Alounge), arises from the need to present on the national scene music sessions geared specifically to Jazz, Funk, Nujazz, Downtempo, Bossa, Lounge, Deep House and Chillout Nubreak. The musical relationships are based mainly Bulle Creme with foreign label artists such as Blue Note (the most important jazz club in the U.S. and present throughout the world.
Creme Bulle Sunsets has made several summers 08 and 09 (the concept of relaxing music sessions in the sunset) in beach Reñaca - Chile and Brazil. She has appeared on local and Omm Club - Lounge, Torino Ristorante, Enjoy the Sea and recently at the Monticello casino.

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