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aka mr bocku ( DEMO NUMBER 05)

mix mc active infrarave 2011

  • Tipo: Tema
  • Estilo: Electro House
  • Fecha: 2011-03-20 14:29:53
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The momentum, intensity, and monstrous tech house rhythm by mix mc infrarave records portugal!!!
100% Dime for Real :
Another stomping performance from none other than Mix Mc aka Infrarave!!!
This time round he shows his epic capabilities at Studioinfrabunker!!!
Another huge collaboraction project coming up...just keep a lookout for it!!!
Hands in the air. Smiles all round. Get ready for Relentless Tech House Sounds...Active Infrarave 2011:
Soy productor, editor y comercializador de proyectos musicales en cuanto a dance, techno y electrónica se refiere...
Si sueñas con entrar al competitivo mundo de la música, contactame...
I am a producer, publisher and distributor of musical projects in terms of dance, techno and electronic referred...
If you dream of entering the comp...etitive world of music, contact me...
Eu sou um produtor, editor e distribuidor de projetos musicais em termos de tecno, dança e electrónica referida...
Se você sonha em entrar no competitivo mundo da música, entre em contato comigo...
My studio is down right now but you just reminded me how much I love to Produce, & Remix. I will be posting music as "soon" as we're uP & running .Another huge collaboraction project coming up...just keep a lookout for it!!!
[email protected]
minimal,techno,tech house... group to promote the DJs and music producers électronique. he would be grateful to add members to better promote our music;-))

google: "mix mc active infrarave 2011"
e-mail: [email protected]
msn: [email protected]
skype: mix mc infrarave
Portugal 41,18%
United States 17,65%
Spain 8,82%
United Kingdom 8,82%
France 5,88%
Netherlands 5,88%
Germany 5,88%
Singapore 2,94%
Bolivia 2,94%
China 2,94%
Virginia 20,00%
California 20,00%
Georgia 20,00%
New Jersey 20,00%
New York 20,00%
Norfolk, VA 20,00%
Spotswood, NJ 20,00%
San Francisco, CA 20,00%
Brooklyn, NY 20,00%
Atlanta, GA 20,00%


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