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de Andres Solano (balance)

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This Podcast is about?

You can listen – download every 15 days a unique mix with music posted on Balance Record
pool, only the most important DJs – Producer of their area can be part and get music from

What is Balance Record Pool?

The Balance Record Pool is a group of professional DJs with a common goal - to advocate
underground dance music throughout America.

They perform each and every week in the nation's finest clubs, host shows on radio stations
and, own/work at record shops where dance music is sold and are hand picked by the Balance
staff from a strict criteria.

Record labels provide Balance with advance, promotional material that we distribute to our

Our DJs are required to submit reactions, comments and ratings that are available for the
labels on the Balance Record Pool website. The DJs reactions are posted to each account in
real time as the DJs submit them.

Each week a chart is compiled and distributed to our vast database throughout the globe as
well as posted and archived on our website.

The radio show is broadcast with Proton Radio as well as we have a second Balance Radio
Show broadcast that is syndicated with XM Radio and various FM stations throughout America.

And now for Latin America at every fifteen days you can download a
Podcast with the music posted on Balance, also the track list from every Podcast will be
available 7 days – 24 hours at, making a amazing tool for DJs because they
can be ready to buy this music, is good for labels, and lovers of underground music,
getting a unique mix.


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