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For all the ones who just know a little bit about Plaza de Funk, I’ll provide you with some relevant information about him. WHO’S PLAZA DE FUNK? If you go to : Myspace you’ll find out that his style is defined as a mixture of Breakbeat, Big Beat and Funk. Plaza de Funk aka Marcello De Angelis, has been producing and DJing for the past 7 years, since 2001.He moved to London in early 2004 and got signed to West Records (best breakthrough label at Breakspoll 2005). He has played at clubs such as Ministry Of Sound , Turnmills , 333 , Industry , Bar Vinyl , Sub-Logic , Trafik and Inigo amongst others. He released Got The Funk Ep in 2005, with a remix from Madox which was a massive hit and also received a nomination for best remix at Breakspoll 2006. It was followed by the Back Home Ep on Mantra Breaks, voted best label at Breakspoll 2007. After that Plaza started working on a string of remixes all through 2006 and 2007. And he has also found time to come up with some originals, releasing Get On Down on West records in early 2007. Djing has picked up hugely between 2006 and 2007, and has seen Plaza performing at Breakspoll at Fabric in February, playing two of the Uk’s biggest festivals – Glastonbury and Glade – and playing the States, France, Italy, and some of the most respected nightclubs in the UK. You shouldn’t miss Plaza's DJ sets, bringing an infectious energy to the decks that rubs off on the crowd. I’m sure you´ll enjoy his music around UK and beyond, his sound is ready to rock a club near you soon. INTERVIEW Pilar: Hi, Marcello. You know I was looking forward to interviewing you. So, let’s go. Do you ever worry about cringing when you hear a really awful remix of one of the tracks you've produced? Plaza: Haha no, not really. I've been quite lucky so far and have had some really good remixes - the Madox remix of Got The Funk was fantastic, I will never thank him enough for that. Pilar: Do you want to make your music as accessible to other people as possible? Plaza: Yes, the more people I reach the better but I don't really think about it. As long as I am still doing what I like then I really don't see a problem. The only thing I worry about is whether I like the music I am making. Pilar: So what are you up to at the moment? Plaza: Well I just got two nominations for Breakspoll so I am getting ready for that! Me and Steelzawheelz are also playing there back to back and I am really looking forward to it. Other than that, I am always busy finishing new tracks in the studio, my latest one Ghetto Groove has just been released on Brighton Breaks. Pilar: Do you prefer to work on big-scale album projects rather than just producing and releasing tracks in a less ordered fashion? Plaza: Not really...I made an album in Italy a few years ago under the name Cimarosa Collective and it was a lot of hard work. With breakbeat I think it's a bit different, I don't want to make an album that's just full of dancefloor stuff, I would like it to be quite diverse, and have a few vocals on it as well. I will do one at some point, but I am not in a rush, I want it to be special. Pilar: In terms of DJing, do you think your sound has changed much over the years? Plaza: It's changed quite a bit actually!! I used to purely play funky breaks and now my sets are a lot more varied - I usually play 75% breaks and 25% wonky house, stuff like Switch/Sinden...this is just because I like my sets to be as varied as possible and because there are some tunes that are not strictly breaks which I really like! Pilar: Which producers are getting you excited at the moment and what makes their music so good? Plaza: Well, I would say Madox and Nick Thayer are the two producers that are constantly able to surprise me with fresh ideas. I also really like what NAPT, Maelstrom and Baobinga are doing at the moment - they all have a very distinctive and fresh sound. Pilar: Now I know a lot of DJ's have completely switched over to the digital side of DJing. What do you prefer when you're mixing a set? Plaza: I used to just play vinyl, but now it's probably 70% cd and 30% vinyl - the only reason for this is because I get sent a lot of tunes and they are all in mp3 format - I can't buy them all again on vinyl! And also I play my own tunes of course - and test them on the road before they get released. But I love vinyl and I have LOADS of it - I hope it never dies! When I make a tune I don't feel like it's finished until I see it pressed on vinyl! I was actually surprised to see that a lot of djs in Spain still mostly play vinyl - it's a great thing to see. Pilar: How do you feel about all the file sharing that is going on out there? Plaza: Well that's a hard question, and quite connected to the previous one about vinyl. I just hope that - in a small scene like breakbeat - people are going to try and support it and buy the music, whether it's on mp3 or vinyl. Today there are a lot of different ways to listen to a track before buying it, all the internet stores have previews so there is really no excuse. If you want the scene to survive, buy the music!! Pilar: Ok, let me ask you this. If you could choose one track you are most proud of....what would it be? Plaza: My latest single Ghetto Groove and my remix of the Drum Monkeys' Batty Batucada which came out on Westway last year. I think it came out particularly well! Pilar: Ok, if you could think of an artist you haven't worked with yet, that you would really like to in the future, who would it be? Plaza: Well. I have a few collaborations in the pipeline so watch this space! ;-) Pilar: Which Spanish producers do you know/like? Plaza: I really like Deibeat, J Mekka and Digital Base - they all have their own sound and they are having a lot of success which I think is very well deserved! Pilar: I've always wondered this....How do you feel when you are at an event enjoying another set or listening to the radio and you hear the DJ playing your tunes? What goes through your head at that time? Plaza: Oh, I don't think I can describe it - honestly. It's like a massive adrenaline rush that goes all through your mind and your body. I get it every time!!! It's the best feeling in the world. Apart from sex maybe hahaha. Pilar: Alright, what can we expect from you in the future? Plaza: More funky ass beats - that's for sure!! I'm just working on some new tunes, so keep your ears peeled! Pilar: Is there anything you would like to say or add before we come to a close? Plaza: Well I hope to be back in Spain very soon - I played in Malaga in January and I loved it! The crowd as great and I had a wonderful time. Pilar: Thank You very much for your time. See you soon, my friend. PILAR PÉREZ MARCH, 2008
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